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May 5th, 2011
The second box of Max Milk is received by the Milk Bank containing 217ounces of Milk for medically fragile babies. A big thanks to Heidi (Heather's sister) for holding it down!

 Box #2 contains 217oz of Mama's Milk

 Max's cousins are awesome little helpers! 
 Max's Milk gets shipped off to the Milk Bank in Denver,
from there it will be sent to medically fragile babies throughout the US.

 Heather & Heidi letting Love in.

 April 19th, 2011
An Email received from the Milk Bank:

"We got the package this morning. I spent the entire time unpacking Heather’s milk and crying. It is always moving to receive a gift like that. I’m fortunate to work with so many generous, amazing women.
My son’s name is Max, and looking at the storage bags with that name and thinking of Heather’s loss was powerfully sad. I can’t imagine her grief and am humbled by her milk donation under these circumstances. I hope it’s a bit of consolation that her Max’s first gift of milk was about 200 oz. This will provide up to 600 feedings for preemies and medically fragile babies. It’s no small gift; preemies depend on human milk to protect against necrotizing enterocolitis. Babies fed formula instead of human milk are 400% more likely to develop this gut infection that can lead to immense suffering, the need for surgery, the need for intravenous nutrition which can cause organ damage, long term disability, or death. Most of our recipients are preemies or medically fragile babies in the NICU for whom donor milk is life-protecting. Max is giving the gift of life with each collection of milk his mom makes." 
Max's milk at the Mother's Milk Bank in Denver!

April 18th, 2011

Mother Of Thousands - (above)
Heather pumps milk during the night...
She will donate Max Milk for a year to the Milk Bank of Colorado, who in turn
distributes the milk to babies in need. This Milk Bank is non-profit and operates under HMBANA guidelines.

JenZen packing the first 200 oz of Milk to be shipped to the Mother's Milk Bank.

Brian (Jen's son) rushes us the forgotten FedEx Shipping Label! Thanks Bri!
Milk will be delivered to
the babies who need it most.  When we told the
FedEx driver about the contents of the box, his eyes
watered up! He was so moved.  High Five Max!



HighFiveMax said...

Jessie said...on April 22, 2011 8:20 PM

"This is absolutely amazing, and so inspiring. I am humbled by your selfless giving. Wishing you healing through this difficult time..."

Geana said...

Golden nourishment:
Healing vibrations made into growing laughter,
Kisses from a mother who has choosen to love many
Quietly bowing to the unknown.
Giving the gift your blossomed body timely knows-
Mother is your name.
Your breath, your purpose, opens hearts worldwide.

Little Chicago, Inc. said...

High Five Max, on milk shipment number two, and HIGH FIVE HEATHER BEAR for your selfless offering. Thank you for making the world a better place for fragile babes.

We continue to flow at Balancing Monkey. This week our theme is "healing" and yesterday Brahmari breath served as a soothing lullaby. We lovingly recall you, Mr. Bumblebee, and the way you and your winged friends shaped not only our Summer of Svadhyaya but our lives forever.

Letting love in, letting love out, and letting love be,
auntie heids

Dorian said...

Heather I heard about your story through Jessica Fagonde. I am so humbled by the way you are making meaning out of an inconceivable loss. You are a role model for mothers everywhere. As a lactavist I know the greater lactation community agrees with me that your gift of max milk is generous, invaluable, and quite simply, liquid love. I hope you feel that those of us in Los Angeles are lifting you up and wrapping you in love and support.

jessica said...

Dorian -- thank you girl...this is BEAUTIFUL!!


Kirsten said...

I am so sorry for your tremendous loss of small little Max. I am deeply moved by your cathartic gift to other mothers and babies. Using your body to nourish other babies and continue the life that you gave to Max with the milk that he gave to you, is a vast healing gesture. He lives through you now in your milk helping to heal other little ones and in turn, helping to heal you. Truly moved by yours and Max's gift to the world Heather. Namaste, Kirsten

golferdancer said...

I am so proud of you heather bear

I love you.

Martin said...

oh so proud...


Jess said...

Love YOu