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What you choose to do with your time on Earth will not change the fact that none of us are going to survive this thing called "Life". If you live with your heart open and Let Love In (and Out) it will not save you or protect you from heartache. In fact, it will increase the chances that you will feel the sharpness of suffering (both others and your own) more acutely. But if you choose to ride this sharp edge then you are in good company. You are among those who engage in this fleeting gift of embodiment in a radical way. 
 MAX WORKS is a page to share stories of how loving radically can change the world.

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The sign on Max's Well in Cambodia.

 Danielle offered a workshop at Balancing Monkey Yoga Center to raise money for a water well in Cambodia in Max's name.
So frickin awesome!

Max's Monkey Warriors on the Big Island of Hawaii raise money to build a water well in Cambodia in Max's name!

Here is a letter from Mindi Clark regarding the building of water wells in Cambodia. Her contact information is at the bottom in the event you'd like to get involved in this project.  Pictures of Max's Well are forthcoming.

"I have organized the building of now 34 wells in Cambodia since 2006. Many have come from my family & extended family, some of our orchid customers,  & some(4)  from Yoga Retreats that I hosted at my orchid farm that Heather taught. Many of the wells have been built in memoriam, like the one for Max.
We traveled with our children to Cambodia in 2006 to visit Angkor Wat & the surrounding temples & met our guide Mr Sarin Chea. During the 4 days we spent with him, we started seeing many well signs in villages & asked him what they were about & he explained that the wells were built from tourists donations. We gave him enough to build our first well right before we left & we had pictures of the wells at our computer back home before we returned from our vacation. We instantly shared these pictures & my parents immediately built the 2nd one & we haven’t stopped yet! We build one every Christmas & lieu of any flowers at funerals. We hold Yoga Retreats & use the well project as an excuse to get together & practice for a higher purpose.
My dream is to host a retreat trip to Cambodia with some yogis as Angkor Wat temple that was built in 1200 is Hindu & all the walls are carved with Hindu mythology….and we could visit the wells & the school. Sarin has agreed to help me organize this whenever we want  visit.
I find much joy from this project as the wells are affordable to build ($350 each) & the construction happens within 2 weeks & we get lots of pictures back of the construction phase, a sign posted & pictures of the villagers that receive the well.
Thanks again for all your efforts in spreading the word and all the love  & support for Heather."

Mindi can be reached at:  
or  808-987-8654 (cell).


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