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This page is dedicated to the art, photography, meditations and musings inspired by Maximilian Kahanu Bumblebee Heintz. If you would like to contribute to this page, please email to and include the date created and any story you would like to add. Please put the word "Musings" in the subject line. Thank you and continue to LET LOVE IN!

Max's MilkyWay
Created by Heather

 Today I planted some flowers in honor of Max. I wrote "Max Love" with
a heart and infinity sign on a stone to remind me every time I look at
it to Let Love In and Out and to be bold and vulnerable. Those flower
boxes have been empty for over a year.

Love, light and gratitude,


Finding Max

He is hidden among all that is:
golden branches, music, moonlight, rain.
He is a river of milk, radiance,
letting love in, and out,
he is push, white depth, free.
He is in his mother’s eyes.

From shards of darkness,
we painstakingly illuminate his many gifts,
the hundred ways he dances in our hearts,
what he whispers,
how he holds our hands.

Where are our words when
the mere thought of him
takes our breath away?
(Carry on, spirit warriors, there is difficult work to be done.)

We find Maximilian Kahanu Bumblebee Heintz
in everything we thought we lost.
He is the small sentry outside the door
where pure love lives.
He is the invitation
to open and embrace and mend and be vulnerable,
to be boldly fiercely willing,
breath by breath,
to inhabit our brilliance
and, grateful, pass it on.

                                                            Tracey Lambe
                                                            May 2011

"Milk by Mommy" By Howard Huelster age 3 (Max's cousin)
These beautiful Orchids  were sent to Yoga Oasis by 

The inclosed card read: 
"Aloha Darren & Family & Miss Heather at Yoga Oasis,
Mahalo for being so present and nurturing for our  beloved  teacher and friend Heather. We all miss her dearly, but are comforted by knowing she is in good hands. Thanks too for all the great yoga inspiration. It is a treat having Mira and Jerret here. I look forward to time shared at Yoga Oasis in the future.
Warmest Aloha -
Mindi Clark and the family at
Balancing Monkey!
PS - Check the names on the little red Orchids - 1 is for Heather. Much love."

This card (above), sent by Mindi Clark (who is also the photographer) raises money to build water wells in villages in Cambodia. In April, 2011 she helped build Max's Well.  With the excess money 35 school uniforms where purchased for the children  at the Spilter School in Cambodia. High Five Mindi & Max!
From Brooke Nelson on 4/24/11:
"I bought this card for you Heather in February. Being a newish friend, I watched you more from a distance with Max in your belly. You were such an oddity amongst so many of my pregnant friends because you loved and had pride in Max and glowed with excitement! Wow, that's so refreshing I thought. I had seen photos of you swimming pregnant and thought they just looked so natural - you were a mommy mermaid and I admired it. I am so thankful that I was able to witness this joy and I aspire to it.
I look at the card now, sitting on my counter and hope for a Heaven underwater. A chance to one day swim together with the most pretty creatures in one of the most familiar-to-the-womb places, the massive, free, turquoise ocean. Thank you for you and much love, Brooke.

The artwork is by David Delamare called "Mermaid & Child".
In Hilo, To Honor Max & Heather

From Whitney Lawless

In Africa
To honor Max and Heather

In Tucson to honor Max & Heather
 Artist: Mel Mason
Created on: April 4th, 2011

"I had an intense need to document what took place on a day trip to Sedona, AZ on March 30th. Road trips make for great bonding, and as we wove our way up north on I-17, Jeniffer told me the story of Heather and Max. Amidst the flurry of emotions I was experiencing upon hearing the details, both Jeniffer and I looked up at the same moment. At exactly 9:11am, we saw a small group of pure white doves flowing in smooth formation in the sky. We'd never seen anything like it before. As the hair stood up on my arms, I knew it was a moment worth capturing somehow, in a way a camera could not. The dove in this picture represents Max, and the mountain, Heather. Love to both of them..." - Mel

In this photo:
Joanne Young, Ganesh, Kat Conour and Jen Zimmerman.
 Heather pouring Max Milk into the river on April 3, 2011
El Tiradito Shrine in Tucson, April 3rd


Christina Sell & Jessica Boylston-Fagonde, praying for Max. April 3, 2011


Created by Mimi (Heather's Niece, age 6). Title: "Max's Bottle"



Hanuman at D's house during a night of Kirtan. SO special!

Created by Jamie Ackley
Wood Block Print

Submitted April 24th by Marcia: 
"I thought I would share with you the dream I had a few nights ago. I only remember a small portion of the dream but it is significant.

I dreamt I was at the hospital with Heather and she had just said goodbye to Max. I saw her and a man walk toward the elevator, the man had his arm around Heather and she was crying. I must have been alongside them but never saw myself. All I know is I was there. Anyway, she was crying because she had just lost Max and she was trying to come to terms with things. As we were waiting for the elevator, a tall, man wearing glasses and scrubs came running out of the room where Max was and he said, "Max is back!" and I think he said, "he made it!" We were all pleasantly surprised and ran back toward the room where Max was. Then, I woke up.

I don't remember much else but thought that this dream was powerful and it felt very real. Who knows, maybe Max is passing the message along that he will indeed make his way back into Heather's arms and into our lives in physical form. Anything is possible.


Big Island Warriors!
Tucson Warriors at Yoga Oasis



TurinoFamily said...

Hello - I've tried to write before. I am a friend to Magical Max through his Auntie Heidi. He has touched hearts as far North as Minnesota. I am honored. Thank you Max for helping me reconcile difficult relationships and put love as the motor of my boat. Thank you Max for reminding me what is important. Thank you Max for reminding me to start each day with a new intention, "This day God, let me live to my highest intention...." Thank you Magical Max.

Karen said...

Dearest Heather-Max-Love,

I once believed I had at least a few answers to some seemingly important questions. Holding tight to those resolutions, I went about my business thinking those particular problems were tucked away for safe keeping. When they crept up into my face yet again, I stared them down, shouting "enough already, I'm finished with you".

When all convention and rehearsal began to fail me, I was forced to begin asking myself a question that I had never asked before- "what would love look like in this situation?". Indeed, it is the only question that really seems to matter anymore. Heather-Max-Love, you are throwing that question out to waiting and wanting arms, a planet both yearning to envelop something good and kind, and fearful of losing itself in the process. Thank you for leading the way.