Monday, May 30, 2011

Heroes in Halfshells

It was two months ago today that Max passed through me. He returned back into the breeze that makes the branches move, back into the space between breaths, back into the current of grace where we like to have our play dates and rub elbows with other great masters. Max is back to flirting with the pulsation, our electrical gadgets like tinker toys. His name just recently showed up in Kim P's telephone. We are quite certain that calling it will take us to Narnia, as if we haven't already been there. Max is in all of the magic. The more aware I become the more it reveals itself.

I am closest to him when I stay in the space in between... In between my agreement to adhere to the fundamental laws of this universe and my diligent bastardization of them. Life will not go back to normal, why would we want that? Normal is not our work. Being o.k. is being an abbreviation. How could you be living in your fullest form abbreviated? Staying in the un-o.k. is actually a very rich place to be. Grief, loss, heartache...these are some of the richest gifts life gives us. Please get out your jewels and strut your feathers as you beat your fists on the floor. Your beauty is your broken. Your wounds are your warrior paint. And like a hero in a half shell, your vulnerability is a lovely accessory that you can use for a fashionable sun hat when you aren't in battle. I am broken open not broken pieces that need to be fixed. None of us are.

Max is asking us to stay in between: in between enlightenment and doing the laundry. How effective can we be if we only stay in the awakening of the grief? How effective can we be if we only stay at the mountaintop? How effective can we be if we don't return home because no one will understand? Listen closely my warrior friends, it's not a matter of the world understanding or not understanding, that's too easy. That is your excuse to either stay on your journey or never leave the couch. What Max is asking us to do is make the return home and live the Hero's journey. The work is to utilize your crystal clear vision from the mountaintop and serve humanity.

Max is just getting started, so if you're in may I suggest you get pretty clear about what that is. How will you match your action with your heart?

In the meantime enjoy rubbing cosmic elbows with the hotshots in your half shell.

Max Love


monkeyfishdezigns said...


eStarr said...

"How many times can the heart be ripped open?"
"Millions" says the voice, "and still you will live"
"Why I cry"
another voice "just breathe, this to shall pass"

Like the waves breaking on the shore, or crashing on the cliffs.

Again and again and again.
til the end of time.
Until you stop asking why.

The sound from my an animal in pain.

Babies dying.
People stealing and lying.
Words left unsaid.
Mothers dying.
Life unfolding.

Let it all out. Don't hold it in.
Do what ever you can, even if it's just to grab a pen, or go to the gym.

To say Good-bye with the promise to love again.
To let someone in.
To Be Vulnerable, Again

"The heart is the only broken instrument that works"
The problem is the rest of stops, or hides behind lies or pretends to understand why.

Let go what you Love.
don't let it in...Don't give up.

Twisting and Turning like the knots in my stomach.
gurgling and gushing, floods of tears, and atomic fears.

My eyes itch, I don't like what I see.
You aren't next to me.
and my heart stops again.

No more of this.
I'm thru, of believing that fairy tales come true.

Now what the fuck I'm I supposed to do?
Besides Love.....